4 Ways To Style Your Chunky Chain Necklace Like An Influencer

4 Ways To Style Your Chunky Chain Necklace Like An Influencer

If you’ve been keeping an eye on runway shows this year, you probably noticed one huge trendy--chunky chain necklaces.


Oversize jewelry is a “big” deal right now, so if you’re looking for a gorgeous trend to incorporate into your wardrobe for 2021, this is the way to go. From models to influencers, everyone has their own take on the chunky chain trend. Here’s 4 of our favorite styling tips and tricks to have you rocking this chic, edgy look in no time!

How to Style Bold Chunky Chains

Layer Up


If you’re just dipping your toes into chunky chain water or you’re not much of a fashion risk taker, this is the most fool-proof way to style your chain. Go for a short chunky chain that is a little bit longer than a choker would be. Then, to draw the eyes down and give you a flattering silhouette, layer up with a medium and long chain necklace. You can wear plain chains or opt for something with a cute pendant on it to add a little flair.


Layering your chunky chain means you’ll have endless options for how to wear your trendy necklace. Mix and match to keep things fresh!

Go Big Or Go Home

Remember how Coco Chanel said to take off the last accessory you put on before you walk out the door? Well, some rules were meant to be broken. Right now, it’s all about being big and bold, so don’t be afraid to pair your statement necklace with some statement earrings.


If you’re going for a high fashion look when styling your chunky chain, try doubling-down on the statement accessories instead of keeping them more low-key. It’s definitely a statement look, but there’s more chiv than pairing a big gold chain with some oversized gold hoops. Keep your makeup simple, or go for a bare face and you’ll be runway ready!

Keep It Casual

If you’ve embraced a more comfy, casual vibe since quarantine, you can still rock a big chain necklace with ease. Pair it with an oversized t-shirt or plain tank for a polished cool-girl look that screams effortlessly chic. Plus, the quickest way to elevate a monochrome sweatsuit look is with fabulous accessories. Now you can stay comfy without sacrificing style!

Dress It Up

On the other hand, there’s nothing like a chunky chain necklace to add an edge to a more put-together look. Trying pairing a chunky gold chain with a sweet floral bustier top. Or wear your favorite chain over a collared shirt or turtleneck for a sassy and sweet look.


And there’s nothing like a statement chain to help you pull off a work-from-home-chic look for your last minute Zoom meeting. Pair your chunk chain with a sweater or cardigan and you’ll be camera ready in an instant.


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