3 Out-Of-This-World Ways To Style Celestial Jewelry

3 Out-Of-This-World Ways To Style Celestial Jewelry

Whether you’re obsessed with finding out people’s moon signs or you don’t even know what the zodiac is, there’s no denying that celestial jewelry is out of this world. It’s come back into fashion lately thanks to a revamp of 90’s and Y2K styles and that means moons, stars, and suns will continue to be all over necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings in 2021.


But it’s not all about the aesthetic. Lots of people like celestial jewelry no matter what’s trendy or hot right now because moons, stars, and suns have a lot of symbolic meaning. Moon jewellery can represent new beginnings, wisdom, and feminine power, while star jewelry makes a romantic statement and might be able to offer you a little guidance from up above.


So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your zodiac-obsessed bestie, you want the power of the moon to help keep you grounded, or you’re just on the prowl for some cute, trendy jewelry--you’re in the right place. Here’s 3 stellar ways to style your celestial jewelry that are cute, trendy, and won’t break the bank:

Celestial Jewelry Styling Ideas

Star Earrings

Whether you go for a traditional five-pointed star or a more refined version like these starburst hoops, star earrings are an easy and chic way to start rocking the celestial jewelry trend. Plus, it’s easy to pair star earrings with other pieces.


For example, these starburst hoops would look amazing with a chunky chain and a corset top! Or, if you’re going for a more coordinated look, you can always pair them with the matching necklace for a pulled-together style.

Layered Necklaces

If you’re the type of person who believes that less isn’t always more when it comes to jewelry, then this style is for you, because celestial necklaces are perfect for layering.


Ready to layer up? Start off with a shorter chain that lands around your collarbones, then add a dainty gold chain with star and moon charms on it and a longer chain with a pendant for an easy, trendy look.


Or, if you don’t want to bother with all that, just opt for a pre-layered moon and star necklace. It gives the look of layers without having to mess around with multiple chains.

Stars and Moons


If you’re feeling bold and funky, mix and match star and moon motifs for a quirky-cool look. If you want to keep it simple, pair some star shaped hoops with a moon pendant for a subtle combination.


Looking to make a statement? Try these adorable mismatched sun and moon earrings. Pair them with some graphic liner and faux freckles for e-girl chic!


Affordable Celestial Jewelry

Ready for your style to go intergalactic? Then hop on this celestial jewelry trend that is absolutely out of this world. Mix and match your stars, suns, and moons for a stylish look that is so on trend for 2021. Find your new fave piece at Cindy Madison Jewelry today!


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