Modern, Chic Ways To Wear Pearls in 2020

Modern, Chic Ways To Wear Pearls in 2020

Until recently, the only people who still wore pearls everyday were country club moms and maybe your grandma.


But now, pearls are one of the hottest accessories for 2020. Everyone from Harry Styles to Zendaya is rocking pearl jewelry with a modern twist.


The newest pearl styles aren’t prim and proper--they’re chic and fresh. We’ll show you how to wear these semi-precious stones without looking like a 1950’s housewife.

How To Wear Pearls in 2020

Go Big or Go Home

Just because you’re rocking pearls doesn’t mean you need to be ladylike and demure. If you really want to make a fashion statement, opt for big, bold pearls.


You can take a page out of Harry Styles’ book and wear an over the top, baroque pearl earring in just one ear, or rock a statement pearl necklace and chunky chains with your leather jacket and favorite jeans. Who knew pearls would end up being an edgy accessory?


If you want to double down on the hottest trends for 2020, opt for pearl hoops. Hoop earrings are having a huge moment right now, so when you combine them with this season’s hottest semi-precious stone, you have a recipe for fashion success.


Want to get in on the trend without breaking the bank? Check out these chic pearl hoops or this funky, modern pair.

Get Funky

The pearls our grandmas used to rock tended to be small, white stones on simple strands. But pearls in 2020 are funky and playful. Keep an eye out for styles with fun extras like colorful beads or initial letters. These will punch up your everyday uniform of jeans and a t-shirt.


If you want to be daring without going over the top, opt for freshwater pearls in funky shapes. These have more texture and add the perfect pop of personality to any outfit. Look for them on an oversized barrette or a pendant necklace. If you really want to stand out, rock some asymmetrical pearl earrings. It’s the perfect mix of modern and cheeky.


Dare to Be Dainty

If you prefer being chic and minimalist compared to big and bold, you can still rock this trend. In 2020, pearls can be dainty and delicate without looking matronly. In fact, a minimalist string of tiny pearls is the perfect addition to a structured, streamlined look. It can add a feminine flair to your favorite blazer or monochrome pant suit.


If you like to keep things simple and chic, opt for a single freshwater pearl on a thin gold chain. You can pair this with another plain chain to add some dimension to your look. And if you’re looking for something more budget friendly, a pearl drop necklace is the perfect option to help you look chic without breaking the bank.

A Modern Twist on Pearls

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