How To Wear The Charm Necklace Trend In 2020

How To Wear The Charm Necklace Trend In 2020

90’s babies rejoice--the trends and fashions from the 1990’s are back in style!


We started seeing 90’s fashions find their way back into the mainstream a few years ago with the comeback of chokers, and trends for 2020 are still inspired by the decade of boy bands and beanie babies.


The biggest 90’s inspired trend for fall and winter of 2020 is a funky, playful take on a 90’s classic--that’s right, we’re talking about charm necklaces.


Read on to learn more about where this trend came from, how to rock it, and where to buy this season’s cutest charm necklaces.

Charm Jewelry in the 90’s

Back in the 90s, charm bracelets were all the rage. The iconic Tiffany Heart Tag Charm Bracelet and Necklace were some of the most coveted accessories of the late 90’s and early 2000s. Italian charm bracelets and styles from Pandora jewelry and Juicy Couture made sure the trend was on everyone from Paris Hilton to the most popular girl in school.


Back then, people used to collect charms that showed off their style, tastes, and even hobbies! These days, pre-made charm jewelry is a great option for the busy millennial who wants to show off their personal style.

How To Wear Charm Necklaces in 2020

In 2020, fashionistas are falling back in love with the playful style of the 90’s and charm necklaces are back in full force.


But those of us who lived through the 90’s know that there were some parts of trends that should definitely be left back in the pre-Y2K era.


So when you’re incorporating charm necklaces into your 2020 look, make sure to opt for something that hints at the iconic styles without replicating them exactly. Skip the classic chunky Tiffany chain and choose a more modern style instead.


Take A Shortcut

Unlike in the 90’s, now there’s no need to painstakingly collect each charm individually. Instead, go for a version that’s already charmed-up, like our celestial charm necklace which you can find here. We’re all about working smarter, not harder.

Layer Up

Another key tip for bringing this 90’s trend into the 21st century--layer up! The fun thing about charm bracelets is that they let you express yourself and show off your funky side. So don’t be afraid to layer different lengths of charm necklaces with some plain chains to break it up.

Or Keep It Simple

More of a minimalist gal? No worries--you can still rock this look. But instead of layering charm necklaces of different lengths, opt for one longer charm necklace and a shorter simple chain in the same metal. You'll be trendy and sophisticated without going over the top.

Where To Find Charm Necklaces for 2020

Looking for charm necklaces to stay on trend without breaking the bank? At Cindy Madison Jewelry, we offer on-style designs made with excellent craftsmanship to keep you bold, modern, and beautiful. Check out our collection today to find your new favorite piece!

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